[SOLVED] Myopenhab disappeared when upgrading to stable

Yesterday I upgraded (through apt-get) my openHAB installation. I was running RC1 and now it’s

Everything is working except for the myopenhab binding. It also isn’t available anymore in the paper ui, so I cannot even install it anymore. Did I miss an announcement or did something go wrong with my upgrade?

The My.openHAB binding has been replaced by the openHAB Cloud Connector addon and the new myopenhab.org service (note the missing “.” between my and openhab).

There was an announcement a couple months ago and the old binding was removed with the latest release.

I did know about the “missing dot” and the legal/organizational background.
I didn’t know that the cloud connector replaced myopenhab altogether.

Anyway…I installed the cloud connector and it is still showing as offline. Double checked UUID and secret.
The log shows "Socket.IO error: not authorized"
Java version is 1.8.0_121.

Note: before the upgrade I was using the “old” my.openhab binding. Maybe a conflict in the configuration. But since it is unavailable in the PaperUI, I cannot easily uninstall the binding. Maybe through Karaf console?

EDIT: no luck in Karaf. “Connection refused” Any ideas how to solve this?
EDIT2: used the wrong port… Nevermind edit 1

No sign of the old my.openhab bundle in Karaf.
However, some progression:
> 2017-01-24 19:57:57.376 [ERROR] [org.openhab.io.openhabcloud ] - [org.openhab.openhabcloud(181)] The activate method has thrown an exception

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.MalformedURLException: For input string: "443myopenhab.org"
What should I write as base url?

OMG! I was using the wrong secret all the time!

I used the secret from the “myopenhab” directory instead of the one from “openhabcloud”.
Just deleted the myopenhab directory to avoid the same mistake a second time…


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