[SOLVED] Myopenhab is down?

Since yesterday is offline? or is something with my setup?
Actyually yesterday I installed Alexa, maybe this could disconnect my openhab?

Thank you.

Just checked, it is up and running, so there might be something with your setup.


I do not know why but the cloud conector dissappear from my service in PAPERUI. :confused:

ok. I will setup again.


EDIT: Now is runnig. thanks.

Just a tip: check http://status.openhab.org/ :slight_smile:

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Today the “myopenHAB Cloud Service” is down again. http://status.openhab.org/ says there is an issue.

if it possible to integrate the status of the server in one of the Applications for ios or Android. it would be helpful.

there is no connection via mobile- network. but if you are connected via vpn or the open port over dyndns it works. it is a server problem of myopenhab.org.

EDIT: Also there is no more Notifications- Service of myopenhab

EDIT2: It works now. Thanks for solved the problem.


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