[SOLVED] Myopenhab.org cloud offline

Sadly I have a problem that is not rare on the community pages. My ‘myopenhab.org’ account remains offline after a new install.
It always worked, but I did a complete reinstall (on a raspi 3) of Openhabian, latest version, updated the ‘uuid’ and ‘secret’ in the myopenhab account with new values generated by my new install, but remains offline.
The usual solution i see is 'to update java till version 1.8.1_100 or higher. However, mine is 1.8.0_152-b76 so there isnt much to update.
ofcourse did a reboot to see what that would do, but no effect.
If anybody has a suggestion what I could do to get it to work I’d be most grateful

Edit: hours later seems solved. I uninstalled the cloud binding and reinstalled it again.
though UUID and secret seemed unaltered, I still reinserted them and presto, seems to work for now