[SOLVED] Mysql persistence stopped working after power outage

I’m running OH 2.4 on an Rpi 3 and after a power outage, my charts are not working. I’ve stopped OH and cleaned the cache a few times, but I’m still getting:

2019-11-01 11:09:01.315 [WARN ] [thome.ui.internal.chart.ChartServlet] - Illegal argument in chart: No Persistence service found

This error come up every few seconds. Any ideas?

Did you have a UPS and cleanly shutdown the Pi? If not, there could be SD Card corruption. The system seems to think you do not have a persistence service installed. You may try to uninstall & reinstall the Mysql persistence. Otherwise there may be database corruption.

No, there was no UPS connected. I’ll try to reinstall mysql.

I actually found the problem. My Astro bindings stopped working as well and displayed initialized in PaperUI. I looked at bindings adding and noticed the Astro binding had the “Install” button, instead of “Uninstall”. I installed it and it started working just fine. I looked under persistence, and saw the mysql binding was also not installed. Installing it got me back up and running. @Bruce_Osborne

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