(Solved)nanoCUL not responding to OH2

As per the reference send “X21”

Are you able to make remotes work on OpenHab?

In fhem, I had my remote sending a signal that does not match any sockets.
So for example, when fhem received the “On” command from my remote’s channel A, it turned on the ikea lights.

In OH, I know how to define an intertechno thing that contains the signal to send.
But I do not know how to define a thing that is a signal it should wait for…

Maybe a separate topic is needed?

How are you able to define an intertechno thing? The Intertechno binding is not OH2, it doesn’t support things!
To my knowledge the Intertechno binding does not handle incoming messages from the connected serial device.

You’re right. Item but thing.
Shame on the binding.

You’re welcome to come up with an update, this is a OpenSource project!

I doubt I can succeed.