[SOLVED] Need help with MAX! Binding and Novelan/Luxtronic Heatpump Binding

Max binding found all devices successfully but I found a problem with MAX! HeatingThermostat Channel named Low Battery. The variable of this channel is set as a switch. So if I make an item based on switch variable to accept the value from Low Battery channel it is possible to mess up the reading value. If I change item variable to a string it isn’t working reliably but it removes the risk of changing the reading by hand.
Summarized Low battery alert should not be declared as a switch variable. Maybe prevent GUI input for this channel.

Novelan/Luxtronic Heatpump Binding
The binding doesn’t want to show up in the Configuration > Bindings menu.
I’ve installed it by clicking install in Add-ons > Bindings menu.
I’ ve also typed in the IP and port into the novelanheatpump.cfg.
Is it the issue in the config file that I’ve pasted here.

# IP address of the Novelan (Siemens) Heatpump to connect to (required)

# port number of the Novelan (Siemens) Heatpump to connect to (optional, defaults to 8888)

# refresh interval in milliseconds (optional, defaults to 60000)

I’ve found https://www.openhab.org/addons/bindings/novelanheatpump1/#prerequisites

But I am not sure, do I have to make .items file and put it in openHAB2\conf\items.
Not sure what I am missing to start the Novelan/Luxtronic Heatpump Binding.

Thanks in advance.

The novelan/Luxtronic heatpump Binding is a legacy 1x binding and can only be configured textually so it doesn’t show up in the Configuration Bindings menu.The first thing i see is you have to remove the # before the ip and port.Then create a .items file in openhab2/conf/items and put the item’s in there.

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Thank you
It really helped me to get it going by removing #… I didn’t knew that that is actually comented out text.

Here is the result

You might be wondering why widgets are so wide, but that was for now the only solution that it stays readable on PCs, TV, and phones.
I turned on Phone compatibility in setings and turned widget height to 110% otherwise text goes out of border on Phones wheh in landscape and on TV as well.

Do you maybe know any better solution to make it look more similar on diferent devices…I’d appircate it.

Maybe I will have some trouble with adding input parameters for Luxtronic if so expect some more qestions.

Thanks again


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I did it like this thanks to pmpkk Patrick I followed this tread Matrix Theme for HABPanel