[SOLVED] Nest Binding - Cannot retrieve data

Hi All,

I’m gradually getting to grips with OH but am struggling with Nest. I have added the Nest Binding through PaperUI. I have configured and all of my devices were auto discovered. I have tried to add items through my items file but they never return any data.

If I add the items through the paperUI then for a smoke alarm i am only given three data points (Low Battery, CO Alarm State and Smoke Alarm State). The binding documentation suggests that I should also be able to add (Manual Test, Last Connection, Last Manual Test and UI Color).

I have tried adding each of these as below but no joy:


String   Smoke_CO_Alarm            "CO Alarm [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:co_alarm_state" }
Switch   Smoke_Battery_Low         "Battery Low"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:low_battery" }
Switch   Smoke_Manual_Test         "Manual Test"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:manual_test_active" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Connection     "Last Connection [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"    { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:last_connection" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Manual_Test    "Last Manual Test [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"   { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:last_manual_test_time" }
String   Smoke_Smoke_Alarm         "Smoke Alarm [%s]"                                         { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:smoke_alarm_state" }
String   Smoke_UI_Color            "UI Color [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:nest_account:hallway_protect:ui_color_state" }


Frame item=Test {
				Text item=Smoke_CO_Alarm
				Text item=Smoke_Battery_Low
				Text item=Smoke_Manual_Test
				Text item=Smoke_Last_Connection
				Text item=Smoke_Last_Manual_Test
				Text item=Smoke_Smoke_Alarm
				Text item=Smoke_UI_Color

I am sure that I am doing something wrong and i’m sure it’s obvious but not to me. I’ve checked the log file and there is no mention of the above items in there.

I should also add, if I add a linked item through the PaperUI from the thing then it shows in Control and has a value.

Anyone know of a good walkthrough for how to get this working?

I am sure i’ve left out information so if I have, please ask and i’ll do my best to answer.

Thanks in advance.



I’ve made some progress however i’m not quite all the way there yet:


Bridge nest:account:demo_account [ productId="----", productSecret="----", accessToken="----" ] {
    smoke_detector hallway_smoke      [ deviceId="qrl-DDTvX_I50-_U2hyhopKSJaTS-MqB" ]


String   Smoke_CO_Alarm            "CO Alarm [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:co_alarm_state" }
Switch   Smoke_Battery_Low         "Battery Low"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:low_battery" }
Switch   Smoke_Manual_Test         "Manual Test"                                              { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:manual_test_active" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Connection     "Last Connection [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"    { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:last_connection" }
DateTime Smoke_Last_Manual_Test    "Last Manual Test [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS]"   { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:last_manual_test_time" }
String   Smoke_Smoke_Alarm         "Smoke Alarm [%s]"                                         { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:smoke_alarm_state" }
String   Smoke_UI_Color            "UI Color [%s]"                                            { channel="nest:smoke_detector:demo_account:hallway_smoke:ui_color_state" }


Frame item=Test {
				Text item=Smoke_CO_Alarm
				Text item=Smoke_Battery_Low
				Text item=Smoke_Manual_Test
				Text item=Smoke_Last_Connection
				Text item=Smoke_Last_Manual_Test
				Text item=Smoke_Smoke_Alarm
				Text item=Smoke_UI_Color

This works fine for the smokealarm, COalarm and UIColor but the other fields don’t return any data.

Any ideas? I seem to have the datapoint names correct but don’t get anything back from them.

As a side question, can I do anything to change the returned value e.g. “green” becomes “Green”

Many Thanks


Yes, that it normal behaviour.

Can you post a screen shot of the channels of your smoke alarm, please?
Did you try to click the SHOW MORE button on the top right?

Stupidly I didn’t click on show more however I have done now. It only shows 5 channels, not the 7 listed in the documentation.

I have 7 channels:

What version of OH are you running?

2.2.0 on a QNAP NAS. It’s the latest that I could find on the link from the OH documenation.

That will be why.
Check the forum if there is a way to update to 2.4 on your hardware
Good luck

You know i’ve been looking at this documentation for days and have only just noticed that 2.2 only has 5 channels. I have found a version of 2.4 too so fingers crossed for a fresh install.

Will report back. Thanks for your help so far. Sorry for the silly questions!!:thinking:

Well i’ve had some success. I have found a 2.4 installer and it’s on. I can open PaperUI and add the binding etc. What I can’t do is find any of the userdata folders to put in my own sitemap/items files. The install instructions suggest creating an openHAB share which I have. This is what 2.2 used successfully but 2.4 doesn’t want to use it.

Finally, I have the 7 data points for a Nest Protect. For some reason the installation of 2.4 has chosen not to use my share for the config files but I have found them buried in the OS root. Thank you very much for your help!!