[SOLVED] Network binding always shows phone as offline

I have been trying to create a “pingdevice” Thing for my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 8) as a presence indicator. However, it always shows the device as offline (the Thing in PaperUI is online, but a switch I created mapped to that channel is always off).

Here is my Thing:

Thing network:pingdevice:hunterphone [ hostname="", refresh_interval="10000" ]

and my Item:

Switch phone_presence "MyPhone" { channel="network:pingdevice:hunterphone:online" }

I have heard of cases where Samsung devices do not respond to pings, but I have tried all the solutions I have found (reset router, set WiFi activity during sleep to “Always” in phone) and none work. Has anyone else encountered this issue with a fix? I have seen people use code to find the MAC address on the network, however I am unsure how to implement this or if it would help me.

I cannot ping the device using Windows CMD “ping” command. I also cannot ping the OpenHAB server (Raspberry Pi) from the phone. Is this issue beyond the scope of this forum?

You may need to use arping. I don’t know if it is available for windows.

I had installed arping on my server (Raspbian) previously, but I decided to revisit it to make sure it was working. Turns out permissions were blocking OpenHAB from accessing it. Now it’s successful! Thanks!

Please mark the thread as solved, thanks