[SOLVED] Network issue

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Resp pi 4
    • OS: openhabian

Hi all
I have a network issue that might be small to solve, but I cant figure it out.
My network in my home looks like that:

My openhab is connected directly to the switch and from local pc I can access easily to openhab as both share the same network (10.100.102.x).
But I can’t connect from my laptop that connects to wifi mesh router and gets a different network IP (192.168.0.x).
Same for the yeelight lamp that I cant bind.
What am I doing wrong?


This is not really an OH topic, but before we can begin to try and help you, much more info is needed.
For starters, you show ‘mesh routers’: what are they exactly - device, model, config?

At a first glance, I see that you have two subnets defined (10.100.102.x and why?
And if deliberate, how is the routing between those subnets configured? Can you ping OH from the laptop for starters?
Be aware that going down the road of multiple subnets you can run in all kinds of challenges with OH related to discovery, broadcasts, etc. that can only be solved with reasonable network knowledge (and proper equipment).

The mesh network is 3 routers of Tenda MW3 Nova :

As for the subnets - it is probably default configuration. The mesh network comes with subnet 192.168.0.x and the switch has the same subnet of the router 10.100.102.x.
There is no ping between the laptop and the OH.

How can I create one subnet for the mesh network and the switch?

You should check the manual that came with the NOVA MW3 how to change the network addresses and make them fit within the range of the other subnet. However, you should be careful for duplicate IP addresses and make sure there is only one DHCP server active (probably best to stick with the one in your ‘internet router’ and disable any in the mesh routers).
Beyond that, you really should seek for help on forums that support the MW3, because this is way out of scope for anything openHAB related.

Thank you
I had to change the defeinition in my mesh router from DHCP to Bridge.

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Great that it works now!