[SOLVED] New Mail Binding - How can i send a formatted email?

i just upgraded to latest snapshot and configured the new mail binding.

Can someone tell me, how i can format the text for an email?

I don´t want to send all the text and values in one line, i want to write one text/value in one line, for example like this:

some text 1: value of text 1
some text 2: value of text 2
some text 3: value of text 3

plain text is enough, but html would also be ok.

Currently my code looks like this:

mailActions.sendMail("test@gmail.com", "Test subject", "This is the mail content. text1: " +value1.state+ " - text2: " + value2.state)

/n worked for the old mail action, I did not try it with the new mail binding:

sendMail("xxx@yyy.xy", "Topic", "Test1\nTest2\nTest3")

Thanks, that worked.

Has to be \n
/n is not working