[SOLVED] New ZOOZ S2 devices

Zooz has some new devices that I am trying to use. This is my first time using z wave or home automation at all.

The devices are ZOOZ ZEN26 switch and ZEN27 dimmer.

Manuals can be found here.


These are NOT in the database so far but from a z wave command perspective seem identical to the ZEN21 and ZEN22 devices.

I am not able to upload the device .xml file or edit the database. Can I please get some help with this?

To draw this conclusion, did you compare the information in the ZEN26/ZEN27 manuals to the information in the ZEN21/ZEN22 database entries?

If they really are identical, we can add the ZEN26/ZEN27 deviceType:deviceId to the existing database entries. Otherwise, we’ll need to create new database entries for the ZEN26/ZEN27.

I am honestly not sure what the important parts of the manual for determining this are. They have the same commands for customization (which aren’t in the manuals for the ZEN21 and ZEN22), but do seem to have a difference in the list of “This device requires the following command classes to be supported and
recognized by your Z-Wave controller:”

There are newer manuals here.

What are the parts of these manuals I need to be concerned about for adding to the DB?

It normally would be things like configuration parameters, association groups, and supported command classes.

OK, then I was wrong in stating they are identical. The configuration parameters are the same but the command classes do have some differences.

Ok, so then there should be new database entries created for these.

The easiest way to get started is to take the relevant node.xml files from the userdata/zwave directory and upload them to the new database entries that you can create following these directions.


Feel free to post back here along the way if you have any questions.

Also, it seems like this listing in github is more complete and has the configuration parameters in it, but the database for the ZEN21 does not. I thought I understood that the database was used to update the repository on github, so I am curious why the difference?



EDIT: I figured out there is a newer entry in the database. https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/718

As a new user I don’t have permissions to edit the DB. Looks like I can now upload to this community and so I have uploaded the .xml file. node9.xml (7.1 KB)

You can request access. :wink:

To use the database you must first register on the site, then email, or open a ticket to have your access updated to allow you to edit the information. Please avoid adding comments to this page to request access.

It is - the database is directly exported into github. The reason for the difference is you are looking at two different devices :slight_smile:

i got the ZEN27 added to the DB. I was not entirely sure on the Association Groups. I will add the Z26 after I get one installed so that I have the xml file to start with.

Any feedback on what I did wrong when adding that would be appreciated.

I took a quick look at it. It looks very good.

It also looks like it will make it into the next version of the binding, which is underway now. I expect the ZEN27 will be in build 1434, so you should be able to test it out by installing the build when it completes.