[SOLVED] Nightly build of binding?

Are nightly builds of bindings available? I am looking for the latest version of samsungtv to try on OH 2.4 because I can read the volume/power/… of my TV but not modify it using the 2.4 binding…


Check out the official docs to understand milestone and snapshot builds.
A snapshot binding is not guaranteed to work with 2.4 release OH code, though.
And if you had searched for this you would likely have found that answer yourself.

I read that and I read the whole manual and I am aware that a snapshot/nightly build might not work and I am willing to take the risk and check… however I did not find a source of nightly builds. If I overread it, then I am really sorry, but nevertheless your comment is not an answer… I still don’t know where to find snapshot/nightly builds of bindings.

P.S.: I saw the OH 2.5M2 build though…


I thought the latest would be here, currently 14 hours ago.


I may be wrong, but as OH2.4 was still Eclipse-driven and OH2.5 is no longer, I’m pretty sure the 2.5 Binding won’t work with OH2.4.

People have used come of the 2.5 Z-Wave bindings with 2.4

2.5 bindings still work on 2.4, unless it uses new code. If it has dependencies these might need to be installed separate. Gson is a typical example.

I can confirm that the 2.5 binding is still working in OH 2.4 and it finally allows me to control my Samsung TV (UE55NU7440S), at least the power, volume, mute and keyCode (emulation of remote controller).

However I had to install 2 dependencies:

  1. feature:install esh-io-transport-upnp
  2. bundle:install http://central.maven.org/maven2/com/google/code/gson/gson/2.8.5/gson-2.8.5.jar

These installed the following:

  1. Several packages:
    a) Eclipse SmartHome Configuration UPnP Discovery ver. 0.10.0.oh240
    b) Eclipse SmartHome UPnP Transport Bundle ver. 0.10.0.oh240
    c) JUPnP Library ver. 2.5.1
  1. Gson ver. 2.8.5

Thanks for your help and patience. I have learned a lot today.

P.S.: You need to specify an IP address for the TV and not a domain name.

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