(Solved) No Items loaded or linked from .items File


Iam facing a realy strange problem. I upgraded my openhab2 installation. So iam already using a migrated oh2 item file. But Paperui does not show me any item from this file, also my Sitemap is not able to get the things though the items.

so for debugging i teared my item file down so a very simple entry.



Number Heating_gFF_Bath_Max_get "Temperatur Bad Ist" 	{ channel="homematic:HG-BC-RT-TRX-CyN:bb544939:MEQ0346005:1#ACTUAL_TEMPERATURE" }
Number Heating_gFF_Bath_Max_set "Temperatur Bad Soll" 	{ channel="homematic:HG-BC-RT-TRX-CyN:bb544939:MEQ0346005:1#SET_TEMPERATURE" }

i checked the logfile and it just tells me, which is the normal message.
[INFO ] [el.core.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'Wohnung.items'

Iam running the newest snapshot release. Where is my mistake? Is something missing in this very simple debug items file?

Items defined in .items files do not appear in PaperUI I believe. Only Items created within PaperUI appear there.

Sitemaps will only show Items, not Things. It isn’t clear from your description whether you are trying to put Things on your sitemap or not.

What is your .sitemap lines for these two Items?

Are you using ClassicUI or BasicUI?

Actually, I wondered the same.

If I create Items and only Items and regular sitemap in OH2, do I use “channels” per Arsurs example?
When I do it seems I have to start OH2 and paper UI and discover/add everything for it to work.
Otherwise OH2 does not read the items file and use my items.

I’m not sure I understand the question. But yes, you link an Item to a Channel in a .items file like Arsurs’ example. PaperUI is a good place to look to get the channel ID for copy and paste.

Some Things are autodiscovered (e.g. zwave). In this case you do need to go to PaperUI (or Habmin or the karaf console) and click on the Inbox. All automatically discovered Things will appear there and you can accept them. You will be given the chance to give it a name and location if desired.

okay i try to explain what i did. I installed Openhab on my Raspberry Pi. Than i installed the bindings i need. Than i added the things in the paperui. Than did i created the “Wohnung.items” file with an editor and got the channels from the things of the Paperui. Now i created an "Wohnung.sitemap"which should display the items from my item file.

In the past this worked fine… now its not able to display the temperature.

So what is your sitemap file entries for these Items?

Sorry for being vague.

I was under the impression that one could go from OH1 to OH2 by editing some files etc.
But be able to keep the items file and site map (with some modifications depending on binding).
But my experience, I can use my items file only when everything has been discovered.
Hence… you have to use Web frontend either way to discover everything and then it can be used by my items file.
Sorry, probably describing it wrong :thinking:

yes just the items i created in my items file

Setpoint	item=Heating_gFF_Bath_Max_set			label="Temperatur Soll [%.2f °C]" 	minValue=4.5 maxValue=32 step=0.5
Text		item=Heating_gFF_Bath_Max_get			label="Temperatur Ist [%.2f °C]"

In the older openhab 2 version the paper ui was displaying unter “items” the items in my item file, now it displays nothing. As it would not be able to get the items from the item file.

ps: I found out that if i create items by hand in the paperui, the sidemap is able to display the temperature. But this means in my case, that i do not longer need an item file and i would have to add everything by hand, which is kind of useless, when i already have an good item file

Please see:


This is the best way to migrate.

If you install just the 1.9 version of binding then you can use your .items files unchanged and only make minor modifications to your rules. If you install 2.0 version of bindings you must redefine your Items to work with the new Things/Channels concepts in OH 2.

The linked tutorial has you first work with the 1.9 bindings and then migrate over to the 2.0 versions once everything is working.

And it is true, if using a 2.0 binding that does autodiscovery, you have to do the autodiscovery so the Things get created first before you can link the Things to the Items.

PaperUI is not a sitemap. PaperUI is an administration UI. For a sitemap you must create a .sitemap file and put your Items on that file and then display it using BasicUI or ClassicUI. Or you can use Habpanel and build your UI in the browser.

I don’t know if something has changed or not, but as far as I’m aware PaperUI will only show Items that have been created from within PaperUI. Habmin will show Items from .items files but won’t be able to change them.

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okay i checked this and you are right Habmin shows items from my itemfile. But why is the sidemap not able to display this items?

If you disable “Simple Mode” in Paper UI -> Configuration -> System -> Item Linking, a new option will appear on the left navigation panel titled “Items” (under the Configuration submenu). In there, you can also see the manually defined items (but you can’t change them like you wrote).

Most possibly, @Arsur is running OH2 item linking in simple mode (default) (in this case, there is no menu option in Paper UI for items). Note to Arsus: This is only for administration purposes and does not act as a sitemap.

mhm okay habmin s only showing one item from my item file

no its not that easy first i dispabled simple mode because i thought it would be like you said. But in this case it displays me nothing. Even not the items from my itemfile. Than i acitvated it and removed all things and readded them, so the items would be created by the paperui. But even this does not help me

Do you see any errors in the log? This is looking like there might be a syntax error that is preventing OH from completely loading the file.

you see my example items file from the top, at least this simple two item “itemsfile” should work? I havend raised the debug level in openhab, but it does not show me any error.

Do you see these Items being updated in events.log?

Also, you should probably add a [%.1f] to the end of your label so once you can see these Items the label will actually contain the Item’s state.

yes. The items i discoverd though simple linking, or if i create some without simple linking directly in the paper ui are controlable

in my “non example” file thats the case, but does not help

You could be experiencing a file corruption issue.

Try to create a new .items file (don’t reuse the existing one… temporarily remove it from the /etc/openhab2/items subdir) with a dummy (not linked to any binding) simple switch and check if this item file is loaded correctly and if Paper UI shows you this new item in the Configuration -> Items submenu (with simple mode disabled)

You can use a small part of the demo.items file:

Group All
Group gGF 		(All)
Group GF_Living 	"Living Room" 	<video> 	(gGF)
Switch Light_GF_Corridor_Ceiling 	"Ceiling" 		(GF_Corridor, Lights)

okay this worked i only tried one blank dummy item. but thisone is displayed in the paperui

Now, start adding your linked items to this new .items file… In theory it should work fine.
If you are running on a Raspberry Pi with an SD Card… you should consider replacing the SD Card :slight_smile: