[SOLVED] No responce on action knx-bus

Hello Community,

I have an issue with openhab2 / KNX that I have been puzzling for several days now. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I use openHAB already for 3 or 4 years. For me it is a very good solution that is becoming better with every new version. I especially use it for controlling my KNX installation. OpenHAB, actually OpenHABian runs an a Raspberry (version 3 now). Everything works fine, but since the last upgrade I have a problem.

I have an alarm unit. When I activate the alarm the unit sends a telegram on the KNX-bus (0/1/0 with value [0]). The KNX installation response to this telegram by switching off all the lights.

When there is an actual alarm (burglary or fire) the alarm unit sends a telegram (0/1/0 with value [1]) and all the lights go on.

In openHAB I wish to know the state and control the lights. In openHAB 2.2 I had an item defined:
Switch Groep_Licht_Woning (Groepen) {knx = "0/1/0"}

This switch is visible in the sitemap. This also gives me the possibility to switch off all the lights in case of a false alarm that did all the lights go on. In openHAB 2.2 this worked fine.

In openHAB 2.4 I need to have a thing and an item:
Thing : Type switch : Groep_Licht_Woning … [ ga="0/1/0" ]
Item : Switch Groep_Licht_Woning (Groepen) channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:Groep_Licht_Woning"}

And again there is the switch in the sitemap. Again I can switch all the lights on/off with this switch. But when I use the alarm unit now the action it is unnoticed by openHAB. I have looked in the KNX logging (tracing) and the KNX messages are the same using the switch or the alarm unit. Also ETS shows the same telegrams for both situations.

The event logging however is different. When I use the switch in the sitemap, I see a message like “Groep_Licht_Woning changed from ON to OFF” or “Item ‘Groep_Licht_Woning’ received command ON”; and the switch does response well to this incident. But when I used the panel of the alarm unit to activate there is no message about Groep_Licht_Woning.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any response.

Hallo community,

I found out that the knx-bindings for version 1 and 2 react differently. In version 1 a command on the KNX bus generates a command event while in version 2 it does not. Of course, when this command is generated through an openhab user interface, there will be a command generated from openhab itself. But when the command is generated from e.g. through a wall switch or an alarm panel there will be no command when using the knx-binding for version openhab2.
This seems to be by design!?

I found that others are having the same problems (e.g. knx-2-received-command-rule-trigger-does-not-work). Also, using switch-control may be a solution in the future, but not just yet issue 4234.

For the moment I handle my ‘switches’ without status on the KNX bus as buttons. The value of the button is set to NULL so every use of the switch (ON or OFF) will generate a change to which I can act upon.