[SOLVED] No rules button in the paperUI

Good day,

i have been watching some youtubes where this guy has a “Rules” option in the paper UI.
I do not, any idea how to enable this please?
This is my actual first attempt for a rule so never encountered this problem.


I think you are referring to that one:

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Hey Sascha_Billian,

Thank you for your reply!
exactly what i was looking for.

I recommend against the Experimental Next-Gen Rules Engine for the time being. It is still experimental and there is almost no documentation written for it yet. There are also very few of us here on the forum that will be able to help out when you run into trouble. It’s good for some simple stuff, but as soon as you need to do something complex you will be better off with Rules DSL Rules for the time being.

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Hey rikoshak,

that is a very good point and “liked” your post for that.
I create a rule yesterday which did not work and thought exactly the same.
No point in asking support for this.
So i tried to create my own rule, it is better for understanding the process anyway :slight_smile:

but that actually led me to this:

if you are bored always welcome to join this post :smiley: