[SOLVED] Node-Red no log-messages any more

I have got a big issue with node-red. It was running beautifully, but now I cannot see any messages in the log-message window. I already updated node-red and Node.js and restarted node-red several times. Another weired thing is, that i can see the log messages in the console using “node-red-log” but there is no way to show them in the ui-window. Treid different browsers as well. I really dont know what to do.
Maybe someone could help with that issue.

No one any ideas?? It drives me nuts.

Just to show the empty window

. I did reinstall node-red on the raspberry pi now. But same behavior. :persevere:

Have you tried the node-red forum?

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Yes tried that as well, but no solution till now.

Problem solved. The firewall was obviously blocking the communication in the browser.