[SOLVED] OH 2.5.x on QNAP nas

Hi All
does anyone know if there is the OH2.5.x distribution available for QNAP nas? I was able to find 2.4 so far.

As alternative there is containerize version of OH 2.5.1?


Have you checked https://www.openhab.org/download/?

System > Docker
Stable 2.5.1

They asked for QNAP.
I think the preferred option is to use Docker though. You did not directly answer the question. I recall there was a QNAP specific build previously.

This is exactly what I was answering to. And you can find a Docker Container at given link for 2.5.1.

There is a openHAB docs section, and as you can see the linked git-repo is 2.2.0-1, but the question was in regards to 2.5.1.

Yes there is in the QNAP-Club repo: https://www.qnapclub.eu/de/qpkg/254

This does not appear to be an official distribution. Did someone get @Kai’s permission to use the openHAB name in distributing it? He owns the OH name.

Why does it not have the latest 2.5.1 ? That allows addons updated separate from OH Core.

As far as I understand it, this is just an OpenHAB release made into a QPKG. The one in the OpenHAB documentation doesn’t seem to be maintained anymore since you can only find a version 2.2 in the GIT release section.

So the developers decided not to release for that platform any longer and somebody else decided to overrule them?? Again permission should have been sought because using the name implies it is their work directly, not a repackage.

That causes issues like the thread here that should have been elsewhere.

I don’t see any issue. He just asked if there is a QPKG for OpenHAB, and there is. I can’t tell you if QNAPClub has the permission to do that, and I’m not sure if they need any since they are not selling it. It’s just a convenient way to install it native on your QNAP. Without it you can still do it manually somehow, because QNAP is just running on some kind of linux.

Officially there is not and there is not one for the latest 2.5 stable release unless it was just added today.

The one on QNAPClub is 2.5.1 added 2 Weeks ago.

Sorry, I went to what looked like the version tab and only 2.5 was there. Like many people here, I do not know German.

Sorry, I just went to the Page and copied the link without noticing it. You can switch to english tho, but I should have posted the link to the english version.

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