Solved: OH 4.0.2 Jetty failed to start

I am upgrading from OH 3.4.3 to OH 4.0.2 in a docker environment. As of 4.0.2 I get a Jetty error message that is:
2023-08-19 09:22:13.907 [ERROR] [j.pax.web.service.internal.Activator] - Unable to start Pax Web server: Failed to bind to /

The switching back to 3.4.3 - the error is gone.

Long story short: I had a code-server container running on that same port.
Since OH4.0.2 this port is required by OH itself- no idea why.
Anyway, I moved code-server over to port 8444 which solved the issue for me.

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OH has always required port 8443. That’s OH’s https port.

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