[SOLVED] OH3 & autoupdate=false: Buttons in basicUI don't get released anymore

My problem is simple: After migrating to OH3, my “multi-state push buttons” in basicUI sitemaps aren’t pushing any more ;-). Once one of the buttons get pressed, it keeps its state. In OH2 they got released immediately.

Here’s an example for the sitemap:

Switch item=HarmonyHubWohnzimmer_ButtonPress label="Volume []" mappings=[VolumeDown="VOL -",Mute="MUTE",VolumeUp="VOL +"] icon="speaker"

The item has the metadata “autoupdate=false” set.

Any ideas what I could do else? Or is this a OH3 bug?

In OH2 and OH3, such buttons are not released … except of course if your action is triggering an item update.

Looks at this issue: [Basic UI] autoupdate=false ignored · Issue #146 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

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I experienced the same for all my switches that I use as momentary buttons. My solution in OH3 was to use the built-in expire function. I set the expire time for 1 second and the action to be commanding off. So when you turn on the switch, it will change back to off after 1 second.

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@Pedals2Paddles, that’s a good solution - and you can even use 0s as timer, then it will be released immediately. I use an empty command which leads to “UNDEF” state (which also “releases” the pressed buttons) Thank you!

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