[SOLVED] OH3: Connection lost to HomeKit after every reboot

OH3 related: After every reboot, OH3 loses the HomeKit connection.

The log file says:

java.lang.Exception: Unknown user: AE98B13B-AC78-487B-BB1A-FF8DBD1F84DA

The I have to delete the bridge on iPhone side, make a ClearPairings on OH side and add the bridge in HomeKit new with all the items.

What do I need to do to maintain a stable (boot-safe) connection?

Thank you!

it is known issue but unfortunately without a fix. for some reasons, the pairing information does not get stored in homekit.json file so that it ask to repair every time. it is completely unclear when and why it happens. but it reported only by few users, so, it seems to be an exceptional case

some users reported that changing the default pin solved the issues, in some other cases the issue disappeared after some time.

I tried a lot - and it seems, this instruction solved it for me:

I guess it has to do with old, cached data (in the JSON store) - however, if it stays working I don’t ask for more details :slight_smile:

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