[SOLVED] OH3 mainUI and Switches

I am wondering, why on the mainUI some switches are switchable, some just display the state?

Both marked switches are of the equipment Webservice as Point Switch.
The only difference is, that the Cloud connection gets its state from


As soon as I remove the {channel…} it appears as a Switch.

Is this how it supposed to be?

Tangentially related.

Openhab has marked your Link between the Channel and Item as read-only, so the UI will only display the state, and not allow you to switch it.

So there is no option to send a command through a rule with the same switch?
executeCommandLine(Duration.ofSeconds(5), "/etc/openhab/scripts/ohCloud_ON.sh")

Try it. I think “read only” relates only for presentation.
Not sure what the exec has to do with it though?

Sorry, what I meant is, that I cannot trigger this switch using it in the mainUI (Locations) and trigger the execution above.

Check the link in my first post - ysc gives a method for overriding the read-only state.

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Awesome - will do.
Sorry that I did not see that link!

Works like a charm - thanks!