[SOLVED] [OH3] openhabian - rule, based on group value not firing/executing

Hello everyone,
i already searched and tried many things, but could not get it working, that
a group which is already running and working (gSp_Online) triggers a rule.

I try to make a classic presence function by using a group to bundle all available smartphones via network binding → This is working

The frontail shows me also information when the states change:

2021-05-16 14:38:23.454 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'iSpXXX_Online' changed from ON to OFF
2021-05-16 14:38:23.461 [INFO ] [hab.event.GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - Item 'gSp_Online' changed from ON to OFF through iSpXXX_Online

But what i do not get working, is to execute/fire a rule, due to gSp_Online changing to ON or OFF

rule "Anwesenheit ON"
    Item gSp_Online changed to ON
    logInfo("YYY", "Anwesenheit: ON")

    // Wenn Timer läuft und Anwesenheit ON ist
    if (TimerAnwesenheit !== null){
        // Timer beenden

        logInfo("YYY", "Anwesenheit: Timer resettet")

rule "Anwesenheit OFF"
    Item gSp_Online changed to OFF
    logInfo("YYY", "Anwesenheit: OFF")

    // Wenn Funktion Anwesenheit aktiviert, kein Timer läuft und Anwesenheit OFF ist
    if(iFcAnwesenheit_Aktivierung.state == ON)
        // Abschalten alles nicht benötigten Geräte

        logInfo("YYY", "Anwesenheit: Aktionen ausgeführt")

Maybe there is something obvious i dont see but im done with my trying.

I also tried “Member of gSp_Online” changed → Not firing

Maybe someone can find my error


Make sure you have reloaded your rules since the last time you edited Items. Make a trivial edit and re-save, to force a reload.
Look in your openhab.log to see if the rules file is parsed correctly.

Hello and thanks.
Sorry for my fault.

It was just a coding error, which seems to completely deactivate the whole *.rule file

I used
tSdTasmota3_Schalter.sendCommand(0) which did not work

now im using
tSdTasmota3_Schalter.sendCommand(OFF) which is working and now the full script gets used

Thanks and sorry