[SOLVED] OH3 Schedule Rules


I use different Rules in my system. Some of them start to a defined time (example 22:00). When I use the “Schedule”-Tag to this rule than I can see a daily entry in the Schedule menu (http://openhab:8080/settings/schedule/).

What does this mean? What can I do with this? Have someone a good documentation to this point?

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Good question. I see a solution in the docs but not using Scheduler. Perhaps @ysc can clarify its uses and advantages over time based triggers.

I would do a cronjob there you can do all your rules

Click 'Show All’

Click Cron job

Now you will se this bleow

And at top you se what it means

If you wish to see a description on cronojb its well defined

The schedule page just shows those Rules that have a fixed time based trigger and optionally a fixed time based condition and have the “Schedule” tag. It is just a visualization to show when these rules are scheduled to run. That’s all it is for now.


@Looooopy I understand when I use complex cron expression than it is useful to see the result. Thanks for this !!!
@rlkoshak thanks for the solution. Visualization with “Schedule” tag!

Then why the Plus sign in the lower right to add is it is just a visual report?

It’s a shortcut to create a new rule that will automatically have the “Schedule” tag applied to it. But in all other respects it’s just the regular old rule creation page. One can often learn a lot by “clicking on the button.”

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Yes it’s just rules with time triggers that you want to display in a weekly calendar.
You don’t want to add all your rules with time triggers in this view because if you have for instance “technical” rules running every 5 minutes, it would become unusable pretty quickly. The idea is to tag for instance your functional HVAC weekly plan or daily alarms with this tag.
Note that the Ephemeris conditions are not currently supported but there’s WIP to change this.


Is there a way to show schedules in habpanel? So is there already a widget vailiable?