[SOLVED] Onkyo binding to change FM Tuner presets

I am on openHAB 2.3 and am using the Onkyo binding. I have it set up and all functions work as expected which is great.

I am missing the ability to change the FM Tuner stations, either through the presets or via frequency. I’ve had a look at the other forum entries and saw this:


I’m not sure if “advanced functions” is what I am referring to and whether the same technical limitations mentioned in the post apply.

Just putting it out there if anyone knows of a way to implement changing FM Tuner stations using the binding as it is, or otherwise to express interest in seeing the binding further developed (if at all possible) from someone who might have the time, inclination and knowledge to do so

What you want to do is not (yet) possible with the 2.x binding. You could use the 1.x binding and use Advanced Commands. This is most likely what I will do when I migrate to openHAB 2.x for the exact same reason.

Thanks @marcel_erkel