[SOLVED] [openHAB 3 Ui] Customizable page icons - Is it possible or a feature to request?

Hello everyone,
is it possible to give custom pages a custom icon?

I could not find anything like this

Here a Screenshot from my pages list, and how such a function could be used?!


If this feature is not given, i could create a feature request in git

For me this would be a very nice feature and could also be useful if color could be changed for f7-icons

You can use OH Icons. Put your icons in $OH_CONF/icons/classic and use oh:<filename without extension>. For dynamic icons there is a flag (oh-label-card - Label Card | openHAB) to set and you need to deploy multiple versions of the icon to that folder based on the instructions at Items | openHAB.

The color can be changed for the f7:icons (oh-label-card - Label Card | openHAB). That’s one of the primary distinctions between oh and f7 icons. See Building Pages - Components & Widgets | openHAB for how to create an expression to change the color based on the states of Items.

This is not currently feasible for icons in the pages sidebar; those selections are hard-coded. You’ll need to put in a feature request.

I think you refer to widgets in pages?
This is what im already doing and it works great, also thanks to some older posts from you with good examples! Thanks for that …

But what i mean is, to change the icons shown for the available pages in the sidebar (as seen in my screenshot)

Yes i know and also thanks for your examples from older posts :wink:

I will do that but i know its just a “nice to have” feature


Thanks. Can’t believe this is already implemented.

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Somehow a nearly similar question, can i use f7 icons in the textual definition, e.g. in my item files?

Yes, if you add default list widget, default standalone widget, or default card widget Item metadata. You can define and set the properties of the default widgets shown for that Item in each of those three contexts which includes choosing the icon.

MainUI doesn’t use the text based .items file icon parameter for widgets and sitemaps only use OH icons. So you can’t use an f7 icon in that way.

Great thank you.
Just for somebody else searching for this point, your item needs to look like this:

Item coffee_power "Coffee maker" (Groups) ["semantic Tag"] {channel="here:the:channel", listWidget="oh-toggle-item" [icon="f7:zzz"]}

@SHUred could you mark this topic as solved?


Thanks, good suggestion. Why is this set as “Solved”? The feature isn’t available yet :slight_smile:

You can use the icons in the tabbed view just fine. Why not in the sidebar? Would be great if this can be added :slight_smile: