[SOLVED] openHAB app structure sharing websites

A few weeks ago I saw another website than GitHub on which you could see the complete app structure in an interactive pie chart but I can’t find it anymore.
Can you help me with that?


I’m not aware of that site.
What do you want to know? Basically there’s the MainActivity handling the sitemaps and HABPanel and a few other activities for things like about screen, settings, writing NFC tags, selecting items for Tasker, etc.

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I don’t want to learn more about the openHAB-App, but I want to use the same website, because I liked it a lot.

And what site might that be? There are a million billion sites, so don’t keep us guessing :grin:

I don’t know the name. That’s what I want to know :smile:.
Maybe some people know where the official code is published.

The official code is published on GitHub but you said this was some place else.

Did you mean this? (It’s HABpanel, with diagrams)

That is HABPanel, not openHAB

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No, I know that it was not the openHAB website.
It was a website which could show the complete app structure in an interactive pie chart.

Perhaps something that more generally parses Java program?

Could be, I didn’t focus on the website, rather on the specific shown app.

Found it:

As I didn’t realize before this website is designed to find alerts in the app code, but it’s also nice if you want to understand the app structure.

Thanks for all your replies!

@Kai and his team may find this site useful or educational.

Yes, this site is useful.
But what’s your point here?

The OpenHAB developers might find it useful in auditing & improving the software. Kai is the lead developer.
I tagged Kai so he would get notified to take a look.

But the openHAB app is already published on this site.

Follow the link (it’s the same as above):

All repositories of openHAB (including the android app) are on GitHub. Your posted link of LGTM is just pointing on the android app, you could check each part of openHAB with it or not at all.
[Edit] When creating or changing parts of the code there are already automatic code checks used, being only an amateur on that I can’t say if LGTM would add more feature or double existing ones.


We used to use LGTM for the Android app, but it doesn’t support Kotlin and doesn’t have the latest Android build tools, so we had a failing test on each PR.

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Ok, but what is PR? Post-Release?

Pull request: https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-pull-requests

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