[SOLVED] openHAB Cloud expose items, I need guidance

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Now I’m really confused. I was using february/march nightly (not sure of the exact build) and IFTTT worked without problems. After trying to update to August nightly (again, not sure exactly) IFTTT stopped working. After reverting to the version I’ve used previously, it worked again. If it was disabled at cloud level, why did it work with older version?

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Is it than possible that this is working by just using a snapshot version of Openhab?

No, because, like you asked and I confirmed, the change was made on the cloud server. It doesn’t matter what you do to your openHAB. I cannot explain davorf’s experience. But it has always been the case that if you set up exposed Items before the feature was turned off, those Items would continue to work.

Is it correct that the features only work in one direction?
My Openhab Item is a “IF THIS” condition and should trigger another IFTTT service but this isn’t working anymore.

Is there a chance that IFTTT will be “turned on” again at the stable 2.5 release in december?

There is no word on when this will be turned back on. The problem is with the cloud server, not openHAB, so it is unlikely that any fix will be tied to the openHAB release.

And is it correct that the features only work in one direction?
Like mentioned before, my Openhab Item is a “IF THIS” condition and should trigger another IFTTT service but this isn’t working anymore.

In order for IFTTT to see the Item to react to it it to send a command or post update to it it must be exposed. The ability to expose new items it’s turned off.

Yes I understand that. But I have a exposed item what is not working anymore. It is an item that should trigger an IFTTT applet. Since August it is not working anymore.

Hi all,
I needed to add two more items to my list and in the process cleared the data held on openhabcloud when I found the new items were not being exposed.
Now it appears I have no items exposed for IFTTT. Is the situation still the same, that new items are not permitted to be added at the cloud level of openhabcloud?

As I have previously stated earlier in this thread I once again noticed the same issue, I cleared all the selected items in PaperUI and when I went back and looked ten minutes later it said I had 220 items selected this type of error could explain the situation described where people have exposed all there items, they did not mean to its a bug in the list selection code. Just a thought.

I am now stuck where I still need to add the two new items and not sure if openhabcloud is a viable option.

Thanks to anyone that can clarify.


Correct, it’s still not possible to expose items. At this point, I don’t think IFTTT is going to come back, unfortunately.

What are you using IFTTT to accomplish? Perhaps we can help you come up with an alternative solution.

Thanks for the fast response, although I do not like the answer :slight_smile: if it has not returned by now it is off the table, and even if it came back would you trust it to stay, probably not.

As for your question, It was the only way I found to integrate with google WIFI as it exposed the devises connecting/disconnecting from the WLAN as a trigger hence giving me presence with no apps and no setups on the other members of the home.

I see that may fall apart soon anyway with google moving away from using google WIFI and migrating the managements of the pucks to google home app, not sure if the integration will still function and unfortunately its a a one way migration.

I will figure out something to get it back just not through Openhab I guess.

You could run your own openHAB cloud to get IFTTT back, but that’s not an easy solution. And as you say, Google might render this moot, anyway.

Do you find that the network binding isn’t fast or accurate enough for detecting your WiFi devices? I use that with my Samsung S8 and it works well, but I know others don’t like it. My presence needs are relatively simple compared to what many others do.

I got varying results with the network binding based on the mobile phone model, unfortunately some were so bad it prevents that approach from being used.

I wanted to simply add two new triggers to IFTTT and opened a can of worms. Damn.

I am now looking at exposing node-red and have that provide my IFTTT integration.



Virus-free. www.avast.com

If that works and is relatively easy, a lot of people might be interested in your solution.

I suspect it could also be accomplished with a cloud MQTT service as a bridge to IFTTT webhooks.

Yep I already considered MQTT as an alternative path, securing the broker and exposing it, or even using public broker for these flows.

The issue here is that I am starting the flow from power automate the MS flow platfrom, and although it has the triggers I want in office 365 it does not have good external actions that I can easily utilise. I am still trying to get my head around the MS platform but it seems a little limited right now probably due to corporate thinking being involved which tends to stifle creativity of its employees not promote it…

I will keep battling away and if/when I get a solution I will make a post about the end to end solution.


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The last I saw it should come back when the maintainers have a chance to move the servers to a lager cluster and rework the load balancing or something like that. It is intended to come back but it may be a few more months before it does.

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Oh, cool. I missed hearing that. I’ve no need for it, but it’s certainly better to have the functionality available (so long as it doesn’t keep killing the server). :wink:

For anyone faced with similar obstacles in the future with OH not able to expose new items to IFTTT depending on other needs you may use this as a tested way forward.

Microsoft Flow / Power Automate send http GET with basic auth to a local copy of node red which is exposed to the internet and secured with credential set.
Warning you need to have a way to locate your IP address so that could be a static IP of in my case its a dynamic one that I use and update as required every 10 minutes.
Your internet gateway will need to forward traffic on the specific port towards your node red instance.
Inside your node red build a simple thre node flow, using a HTTP-in wna s HTTP endpoint for sending back the 200 OK message and a openhab node to send a command to the selected item in openhab.

The solution I wanted and achieved was that my office echo device reminders me of a meeting that is about to start on my companies office 365 calendar.

I think its such a niche need that I will save myself time in writing a tutorial for it, if someone is seriously interested I will certainly elobarate and provide more details to assist.



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