[SOLVED] Openhab DSMR v1 P1 permissions issue

After every reboot, openhab can’t read my P1 USB adapter on ttyUSB0.
a simple sudo chown openhab /dev/ttyUSB0 fixes it, but I’d hate to have to do this after every power failure. Does anyone know how to make this persist through boot? I can read the P1 adapter with cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 115200. and once permissions are set for the port, it works fine with openhab.

And yes, i know v2 of this binding is being developed, but as it’s not included in the snapshot repo I’m not using it yet, so it’d be helpful to just stick to v1 configuration principles.

Instead of changing the owner you should add openhab to the group of the USB port:
sudo adduser openhab dialout
This command adds it to the dialout group. Check if that’s the same group on your system. This should probably work.

The version 2 binding won’t help you here. This is a OS issue. Btw the version 2 binding is available in the marketplace and should be available soon in the snapshot as the binding has been merged. And I recommend using the version 2 :smiley:

That worked. thank you! easy and clean.

In due time I will of course upgrade to version 2. Although I’ve seen how it’s supposed to be configured. It’s not necessarily easier. There’s also still some errors in the documentation (typo’s, inconsistencies and missing information).

Great it worked!

If you see any documentation or other issues please do report them here or in a way that you prefer. There are a lot of different types of devices and thus it’s very likely things have slipped through on the documentation part. One part that needs to be added is the os configuration, related to issues you mentioned. There is a generic page in the work, to which the documentation should refer to.

Manual configuration is indeed probably not necessarily easier. However, with auto discovery, in PaperUI you should be able to start without any manual configuration at all.