[SOLVED] openHAB itemps don't appear


I am doing a research project on home automation and I have some problems:

On Paper UI -> Configuration -> Services -> UI -> openHAB Cloud
Mode: Notifications & Remote Access
Items to expose to apps such as IFTTT: all the items and groups.
Base URL for the openHAB Cloud server: https://myopenhab.org/
UUID and secret keys are correctly configured on openHAB Cloud website.

On myopenhab cloud website, I recieve an online and in logs, I see the online when I save the configuration on the Paper UI IO Service Configuration. But no more notifications appear and no items are shown.

I’m running the last Raspbian version on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the last openHAB 2.x version.

Which do you think is the solution? Could someome help me?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Josep Mencion

You just exposed your email address for all to see…

I think (But I am not 00% sure because I was away for a while that the exposure of items to the cloud has been suspended due to abuse… Users were exposing ALL items and groups. This is not needed. Only expose the ones that are needed for you app) This was overwhelming the servers.

Can anyone confirm, or am I talking out of my rear end as usual?

I believe you are correct. @digitaldan would have the latest information on that.
The nonprofit foundation has limited funding and cannot host a paid service.

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I can confirm. The only reason to expose Items to the Cloud is if you need to use them with IFTTT. Therefore the only Items you should expose are those that are used in IFTTT. Thousands of OH users expose all of their Items and they are not even using IFTTT. Some have a mistaken belief that they need to do so for Google Assistant or Alexa integration.

These thousands of updates a second overwhelmed the cloud server software (the Mongo DB in specific IIRC) which caused all of myopenhab.org to become unresponsive for all users. So until a solution is found for the overloaded servers the IFTTT integration has been turned off. You cannot expose any Items to the cloud server at this time.

If you are not trying to integrate with IFTTT you can stop here. You are done.

If you need to integrate with IFTTT, see How To: Integrate Custom openHAB Cloud with IFTTT

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Please educate me. What is the usefulness of IFTTT? When I tried it using to send email, it worked when manually triggered but would only occasionally trigger when receiving a web binding even though it acknowledged receiving the trigger.

I haven’t used it in a long time, but IFTTT supports integrations that are not available in OH (e.g. Wyze Cameras if you don’t replace their firmware to get RTSP support). For awhile they had a “Do” phone app that let you create a little remote control iPhone or screen widgets (Android only) which was convenient to provide some simple controls to my wife like being able to open the garage from her phone more easily. She now has an Android so Tasker replaces that.

Some use their GPS channels instead of running OwnTracks for geofence type stuff.

But IFTTT is pretty slow with high latency so I suspect most users end up moving away from it over time.


That is one of your best understatements of all times


Thanks to all of you for all. I didn’t express correctly my idea, I wanted openHAB app to send me notifications and I just have discovered that it’s possible without having the items linked to My openHAB Cloud.

So I just have configured it to receive notifications.

I’m so sorry for answering here so late, I’ve been to busy this days with exams at school.

Thank you very much,