[SOLVED] OpenHAB Log Viewer (Port 9001) not working in Cloud

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Why isn’t the log viewer functionality which is running on port 9001 not usuable with myopenhab.org?
Is there a way to get it into the Cloud?
Absolute no problem with all other functions on port 8080.

You can use a Webview in your sitemap pointing to a custom html page in your html folder
This webpage then redirects to fronttail:


Webview url="/static/frontail.html"


<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe src="http://openhabIP:9001"></iframe> 

Thanks vincent, will try it at home! :slight_smile:

How can I change the size of this webview?

See the sitemap docs

Youre right, thanks

Please mark the thread as solved.

Hey vincent,
sitemap doc shows how to change the height of the item, but I think I need to configure something in the html.
Do you know how I can get my static Logviewer Webviws formatted properly?

Webview url="/static/frontail.html" height=20


I get only frame like this http://prntscr.com/psg4zx
I set the local (192.168.x.x) IP of openhabian http://openhabIP:9001 is it right?