[SOLVED] Openhab rule with location to open a gate


i need some help to create a rule that will open my garage door before I get home.
i use the icloud binding to get the location of my phone.
in the logs i get this status of my phone: IphoneSeIPhoneSE_DistanceFromHome changed from 10733.214501955184 to 1769.8338866501367, in the gui i see only 1769 m.
i created a rule with the experimental rule engine

but the gate does not open when the status changes from more than 5000 m to less than 5000 m.
has someone made a similar rule and can help me?

Also have installed habmin, with this i can also make a rule if someone can tell my how i do that

For the previious state you need to have a persistence service installed.
Try your rule without that first …

I have tried this, with the value < 5000 and < 5000.0, but the rule doesnt work.
When i start the rule manually, it opens the door!

Sorry, don’t use that rule engine, can’t help much.

Then your initial trigger for the rule does not work, what happens if you manually change the switch (or whatever you are using, can’t see from your screenshot).

Try to insert some loginfo’s (don’t know if that is possible with that rule engine).

Edit: Try to change from state to command …