[SOLVED] Openhab update to 2.4 and MQTT trouble

hello, I have updated the openhab 2.4 and have a lot of trouble with the mqtt broker.
I proceed according to this:

and at this point:
A new Broker Connection appears in your Inbox. Just add it, no more configuration required.
Unfortunately, nothing happens.
Old mqtt is still running, esp8266 sensors supply it, only it’s cut off from the openhab sitemap and thing.

Nowhere have I read whether I have to uninstall the mosquito or I can leave it there.
Thus, no automatic bindings are done and I seriously think about a home assistant or other system.

Sigh. Forum search. Find your answer within the last 10 newest topics.

Summery: Install mqtt1, don’t care about mqtt2.

Is this blackmailing? If so, please go to homeassistant then.

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Heh, thankfully not all of the forum responses are like yours and so the moment I sent this post I found the answer here: https://community.openhab.org/t/mqtt-binding-2-4-what-changed- not-working-anymore / 60138/2? u = doctor.cz
I really appreciate your warm approach, great

You are welcome. I really appreciate your constructive first post as well :wink:

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Ok ok, I’m sorry, the vision of a few sleepless nights has irritated me a little. sorry.
can you please point me where to find what’s in the picture? in items i have not this :-/

Could you please tell me first if you want to stick to mqtt1 (your current setup, I guess?) or if you want to migrate to mqtt2.

Of course, I’d like to. So far I switched to mqtt1 and everything works just like before. But I know this is not the recommended status. I would like to go to mqtt2, read the forum, look for it, but obviously I’m doing some mistake in the process. First of all, I’m going through this link at https://www.openhab.org/blog/2018-12-16-mqtt-arrives-in-the-modern-openhab-2-x-architecture.html and I am looking for more detailed or other instructions . I know that no one can take my hand and I do not want anyone to, I think I’ve been using openhab for almost a year and a half.
It includes home networking, ESP8266 sensors, light control relays, and the new Google home mini for voice control. I’ll be glad for any correct direction to the finish. Thank you Mirek

Please consider also reading the binding documentation on this webpage under add-ons. There are example textual configuration snippets and some explanations as well.

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I just upgraded to 2.4, now all of my MQTT devices don’t “work”. I would like to install the old MQTT binding, but it doesn’t show up in PaperUI, only the new binding is visible and installed. It would take days to edit everything to work with the new binding (I guess), even once I have understood the new binding.

How can I install the old binding?

You have to select to Show the Legacy Bindings in PaperUI, that way version 1 bindings for which a version 2 exist will show up.

Thanks, does it work to have both of them installed at the same time? That way I can switch to the new version without “pressure”.

That should work

You will find this under:
PaperUI -> Things -> Plus Button icon -> MQTT Thing Binding -> Add Manually -> MQTT Broker