[SOLVED] OpenHab2 on Windows 7

I’m new to OpenHab.

Does OpenHab2 work properly on Windows 7? I’m getting a lot of bugs.

e.g. Trying to show the DateTime channel of a network binding in the sitemap doesn’t work (shows blank space) and sometimes it shows in place of the latency!
My default.sitemap file

sitemap default label=“MY HOUSE”
Switch item=network_pingdevice_192_168_8_107_online label=“TV Presence”
Switch item=network_pingdevice_192_168_8_1_online label=“Router Presence”
Text item=network_pingdevice_192_168_8_107_latency label=“TV Latency”
Text item=network_pingdevice_192_168_8_107_lastseen label=“TV Last Seen”

label="xxx[%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]"

What about latency? sometimes it shows correct and sometimes it shows a date instead. Now it’s showing

What type is the item?

This is a Network Binding and the item should be the latency of the network thing. It’s a Number

Now I just reordered the links in the sitemap so that the lastseen is the 3rd in the list. The text 2018-07-02T20:37:16.879+0300 is now replacing the lastseen. i.e. its always replacing the 3rd link in the sitemap

Just restared the OH service and it looks ok now