[SOLVED] Openhab2 - Xiaomi Mi Gateway - does not respond

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(Alexis) #81


My brand new gateway has the “round text description”, and is not working with OH.
MAC Adress : 78:11:DC:XX:XX:XX
Developer mode enabled, UDP ports 9898/4321 on Gateway are desperately closed…

Finding this thread at least confirm me I’m not alone in the dark…:wink:

(Josep Xavier Sellart I Gine) #82

3 Gateways still working lumi.gateway.v3 ver 1,4.1_161.0143 server china
mac 1 28:6c:07
mac 2 34:CE:00
mac 3 28:6C:07

(Rohnny Swennen) #83

@Josep_Xavier_Sellart do they have text printen in round on the back like picture above?

(Josep Xavier Sellart I Gine) #84

According to previous image, old gateway,
1 year and several months

(Aaron) #85

Hi @asking. Thanks for the very helpful post!

As @wojciech.fred has requested, can we get a check in with people in the table above to fill in if you have the round text or square text please? In particular it would be interesting to get some responses from both working and non-working people.

@Jensen, @Dominik_Jeziorski, @wojciech.fred, @dimalo, @Jebo, @bartsnijder, @Olymp & @rsx2007.

Thanks for your cooperation :smile:

(Rsx2007) #86

Round text

(Jesper Borglund) #87

Square and working.

(Bart Snijder) #88

Round and working… BUT still on fw version .159 so this won’t give you much more extra info I guess

(Alexis) #89

Here are my inputs to fulfill the table :
MAC Adress : 78:11:DC:XX:XX:XX
FW : 1.4.1_161
Working : N ;( (and never have)

server : Mainland china

(Wojciech F) #90

Rounded text and of course not working ;).

(Bart Snijder) #91

Hi guys,

On the HA forum I read about somebody getting it to work again. I did not do any deep investigation and I cannot try myself since I’m still on old working FW but those with problems please give it a try.

(Aaron) #92

Just got a new gateway from Gearbest. I took it out of the packet and noted it has the round text (not a good start). Out of the box it seems to have _143 FW. I connected to the AP it was broadcasting and ran nmap; only port 54321 was open. I then used the MiHome app to connect the gateway to my network. Again; ignoring the update messages, I enabled developer mode and then ran nmap again. Low and behold port 9898 is now open and I can see it broadcasting to periodically.

UPDATE Verified working with openhab. Could not add my double switch, so I held my breath and performed the update to _161. I’m happy to report that the unit continues to work on _161. So… where does that leave us?

(Bart Snijder) #93

It has to do with FW 1.4.1_161.0143

FW 1.4.1_159.0143 has always been reported to work fine for all units

Please double check

(Aaron) #94

Hi @bartsnijder,

@rsx2007 reported it not working on _157 and _159 also…

I can confirm my new unit works OK on _161 . :tired_face:

(Rsx2007) #95

so… looks like this is hardware problem?

(Aaron) #96

I don’t think it is necessarily hardware. In fact given current results, I’d say it is still very much inconclusive.

I set up a newer unit (round text) last night; turned on developer mode first, then updated and the unit is working.

The first gateway I tried (has a very similar MAC address; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was manufactured in the same batch) I upgraded first and then enabled developer mode; but it is not working.

My original theory was if you updated with developer mode switched off, then it disabled it more permanently. However @Alex44 has said that they switched developer mode on first and they have a non working solution… so looks less likely.

Can I re-iterate to anyone trying to figure out if their device is working; please run a few checks. It seems that the easiest check is to run nmap and check port 9898/UDP is open (nmap -sU -p 9898 192.168.??.??). It took me a few goes to get my second gateway working in openhab, but I knew I was on the right track because I could see the open port (I also ran tcpdump on my router and could see it broadcasting packets on, but I can appreciate a lot of people may not have the ability to do this).

(Vyacheslav Nesterov) #97

Hello everyone, I didn’t tried to use OpenHab platform yet, but I think we all have a same issue. I confirm that my gateway with round text and latest firmware doesn’t work.
I bought it about 3 weeks ago, and the first thing I’ve done after connecting to mihome - was update, and I didn’t turn on a debeloper mode before it
Now I have closed 9898 port
Router supports multicast, from packet capturing I can see a heartbeat that lumi gateway is sending, every minute, after that my HA instance is trying to ask 9898 port and never gets a reply
Only one thing that I could force to work was a xiaomisecuritygateway plugin for HomeBridge, that can switch an alarm mode on lumi, it works fine, I didn’t open a config files of that plugin but I think it works through 54321 port.

(Andreas J ) #100

Hi people,
I am new here. I have also received a gateway these days with the round text. Bad luck … it is not found by OH. I also updated directly when I plugged it into the wall. :confused:

What I can see in Wireshark is that the Gateway doesnt send UDP messages to but on … can someone with a working model look what is sent over port 9898 ?

My Gateqys IP is

1584 190.684905150 MDNS 360 Standard query response 0x0000 A, cache flush SRV, cache flush 0 0 54321 lumi-gateway-v3_miio98878811.local TXT, cache flush PTR lumi-gateway-v3_miio98878811._miio._udp.local

This is what is received (masked my mac whyever):

Hope that helps us

suddenly I found out that this is (only) a Multicast DNS message. So I dont think it has to do with the not corresponding port 9898. When I penetrate the gateway with nmap most of the time the port remains closed but some times it gives me an opened status.

edit 2:
Bad news is I still did not manage to get anything over port 9898 by UDP. Good news is that the gateway seems to respond to the MIIO node module. A bit scary is that I will get more information when I connect directly to the wifi of the gateway (before it gets paired with my home wifi).

Directly connector before wifi pairing:
C:\Development\miio>node ./node_modules/miio/cli tokens update --token e36451b32c652aee51eabc65243214
INFO Updating token for
->: Singlewire Software Packet 15527
->: Singlewire Software Packet 15528
MiioDevice {
types=sensor, miio:gateway, miio,
capabilities=illuminance, state, children

Already connected over home wifi:
C:\Development\miio>node ./node_modules/miio/cli tokens update --token e36451b32c652aee51eabc65243214
INFO Updating token for
D: MiioDevice {
types=placeholder, miio,

INFO Connected to miio:98878811 - trying to change token

->: Singlewire Software Packet 18997
->: Singlewire Software Packet 18998
Token has been updated

The text “Singlewire Software Packet” is what gets received after the UDP connect. As far as I see from the miio code there should alway be an JSON-Object what gets received, but here we get a simple string. That’s curious… I don’t know the protocols before because I am new to all this, but it looks like some protocol change to me .

I am going on to look if the miio extension will do the job and report my success. As I saw there were updates 3 days ago on github.


next edit:
i successfully compiled in eclipse and got the miio binding running. Unfortunately it only shows up power on/pff and s.th. with test exec cmd atm.

sorry for the bad picture

THe protocol for this is described here if I am right: http://docs.opencloud.aqara.cn/development/gateway-LAN-communication/

(Rsx2007) #101

This is miio protocol.
Like in vacuum cleaner and so on…
You can control light, but you cant manage connected device or parse data from them.

(Sergey M) #102

I have a square gateway text.
I upgraded to 161 and it seems to be working fine!