[solved] openHABian auto-backup including Amanda?

I’ve just read about the auto-backup feature (again). Beside the raw copy and rsync stuff I noticed the following this time (didn’t noticed that before :thinking:) :

The unattended install routine will also setup Amanda to take daily backups and store them to that third partition. Use storagecapacity=xxx to override how much space to consume at most for Amanda backup storage (in MB). If you choose to skip this during system installation, you can still setup both, mirroring and Amanda, at any later time using the 5X menu options.

(taken from here: https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/openhabian.html#auto-backup)

@mstormi, does this mean, that the auto-backup setup procedure silently sets up Amanda for a daily backup without needing to touch the Amanda option #52 at all?

Or: Do I need setting up Amanda with #52 (in addition to #53’s mirroring setup) and give it the third partition of the auto-backup sd card ("/storage") as backup target?

It means you can setup both, mirroring and Amanda, in unattended mode.

Or interactively select #53 then #52 from the menu

Thanks for clarifying :wink:

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