[SOLVED] Openhabian-config and Logviewer only with openhabian?


my pi broke down and I installed openhab using apt-get on a second server.

i cannot find openhabian-config. I guess that is only shipped with openhabian. It offers some automations like auto install of improvmeents and addons like grafana. I there a way to get it when I do not use Openhabian?

My panel is missing the logvieer UI. How can I get this nice UI I always had using openhabian?

Thank you very much

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If never tried this but according to the docs you can use the openHABian config tool on any debian/Ubuntu based Linux system.

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Hallo Sebastian,

vielen herzlichen Dank. Ich hatte diesen Abschnitt nicht gelesen, da ich unter “manual setup” etwas anderes verstanden hatte.