[SOLVED] Openhabian Raspberry Pi Details

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Has anyone got any information about what is going on “under the hood” with openhabian? I understand that it is based on Raspian Lite which uses the Linux kernal but how much has been changed from the version of Raspian lite that I can download https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/

On boot up an openHAB session is configured and begins. Is the base operating system still the same as Raspian Lite and shell scripts are configured to start the openhab session as an application on boot up? If so where can I find these scripts in the directory structure that actually start the openhab session on boot up?

Any input or information would be appreciated, thanks.

You can install openHABian following the Linux install instructions for openHABian and basically end up with the same system.

The openHABian install removes raspi-config in either case. The image provides a way to configure a wireless network and automates the openhabian-config install process, showing a web page giving updates.

The systemd startup scripts are in the normal place, I am not where I can look that up right now.

/etc/systemd/system I think

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@open123 everything you are asking for is on the openhabian githhub.

You can see how they build the ooenhabia. Image by looki g at code there.


Essentially it’s just scripts added on top of Raspbian lite buster.
Browse /opt/openhabian/* or the Github link @Bruce_Osborne shared.

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This part of the question gives me pause and makes me think you have a good deal of learning to do about Linux in general in order to understand the scripts you will find on the openHABian repo. Raspbian, as with many (but not all) Linux distros uses systemd to control what services start up at boot and in what order.

openHABian installs openHAB using apt, the same as you would install it by hand. And because openHAB is a service, apt configures systemd to start it as a service. So you won’t really find the answer to your question (where are the “scripts” that start openHAB as a service) in the openHABian scripts, though openHABian does make a change to that configuration file which I believe is in /usr/lib/systemd/system/openhab2.service. But you will need to read up on systemd and how it works in order to understand that that file does and how it’s used by systemd.


Thanks Rich that makes a lot more sense.

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