[SOLVED] Openhabian usb to teensy (similar to arduino)

hello braintrust,

im having a small issue with this.
i have been googling and searching forums for help but not undertanding there answers.
so i have my teensy 3.2 connected to the pi via usb.
when i have the teensy connected to my pc i can control it via serial programs successfully.
when i have the teensy connected to the pi i have no idea what port it is. and i have tried connecting to all the names i have seen but no idea.
i have looked at mqtt but currently hasnt been ported from arduino to teensy yet. im happy to try gpio from pi to gpio from teensy serial but i think i will be just as stuck there too.

thanks all

On the pi the serial ports should be under /dev/ttyxxx.

Try getting data on command line first before openhab.

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hey @Thedannymullen,

thanks for that. i had read that 1 but i thought it was more about the gpio serial. but i have reread it and made everything click into place.
i did how ever had to install python3 to get it to work for the test though command line

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Glad I could help!