[SOLVED] Osram Zigbee stuff without the gateway?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • openHAB version: 2.4

Hey, did anyone tried Osram Zigbee stuff without the gateway? I would like to use them dircetly with the zigbee binding, would they work?
A datasheet for one of their product:http://pdf.lumenet.hu/4058075047853.pdf if it helpsO

You need some controller hardware for the zigbee, e.g. a hub/bridge/gateway.
I myself use the controller from Dresden Elektronik (deConz Binding) for osram smart+ plugs.
The advantage of the deconz bridge is, it also supports philips, xiaomi aqara and many other. I think the osram gateway is limited to osram devices.

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But can’t I just use it with the Zigbee binding with a Zigbee stick?

I think so, the CC2531 based sticks should do it as well. I don’t have one, so someone else needs to confirm this.

Yeh, I’m useing the CC2531, sorry that I failed to mention it.

The ZigBee binding should have no problem with Osram bulbs - I’ve tested the binding with many different Osram bulbs, although most of my tests are with Ember coordinators, the CC2531 should also be ok.

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They did work, and they are suprisingly more reposive than Yeelight, there is literally zero delay from clicking a mouse and the light turning on.

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