[SOLVED] Owntracks Mqttitude Events

Just a quick note. My mqttitude stopped reading events. On inspection it looks like the events are now no longer posted to the /events subtopic, reverting it back to how the old client use to work.

I’m running Owntracks on android and am part of the beta testing program, so this might not be a change which stays, or which is pushed out to the normal clients yet.


What version of the Owntracks app are you running?

its showing as 1.2.3 (12301)

Please note that OwnTracks apps have, for many months and since many releases, been publishing transitions on the ../event (singular) subtopic. As explained in the Booklet, this is


with _type=transition for enter/leave events.

Hi @jpmens yes I agree with that, and mine was configured that way but a recent beta update stopped it working. When I looked they are no longer on the /event subtopic.

We’ve just checked: 1.2.3 (12301) correctly publishes to ../event

So what’s going on with mine then. Its defo not on the /event and its currently working.

ignore me, i’ve testing again and its on /events. I can swear I wasn’t last time I checked as it stopped working for weeks.

Sorry, but this isn’t making sense: your two last messages contradict eachother. Would you export your configuration and send it to us (without passwords, of course)? support@owntracks.org; we’ll then gladly look into what’s going on.

I wasn’t going mad. Its been fixed now.