[SOLVED] Paper UI - expire binding missing

hello, please someone met this mystery. newly installed openhab via APT on linux debian. installation ok including addons but in paper ui i miss expire binding. I appreciate every advice, because I can’t find anything on the net. thank you very much Mirek

First question: Do you really need the addons? That was primarily designed for systems that will be unable to install addons from the Internet.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I followed these instructions, first to install openhab and then add-ons. I did not do it? thanks https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/linux.html#package-repository-installation

Addons package are not needed if you have Internet access. That package has caused issues in the past.

I would uninstall both the addons and openhab and then reinstall openhab. Lets see if that fixes things. Just uninstalling the addons is not sufficient to reset the openhab configuration.

Expire binding is a V1 binding. Have you enabled v1 bindings?

The expire binding is available without needing to enable that.

Well apparently not all the time. So that could have been a solution to his problem.

ohhh. my apologize. i choose simple package instead standard… now its everithing ok.
please lock a maybe delete. thx all for trying help me. M

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