[solved]PaperUI not showing bindings anymore(Extensions menu is missing)

Ah, that’s true.
For others with the same problem:

  1. Execute $OPENHAB_RUNTIME/bin/client on your OpenHab server (if Linux).
  2. Connect using openhab as user (if asked) and habopen as password
  3. execute bundle:list
  4. Search for CometVisu in the list and note the number at the beginning of the line
  5. Execute bundle:uninstall <thenumber> (i.e. bundle:uninstall 248)
  6. Done

I will wait for the next release and hope it will work.

After some days I had the problem again and ran the manual uninstallation again. Somehow it was installed again after I installed another plugin. After I re-uninstalled it, I changed to the “User Interfaces” in Paper UI and clicked the uninstall-text on comet visu. Seems like PaperUI installs it again if you uninstall it manually and you are installing something else afterwise.