[SOLVED] Philips Hue item numbering


I started off with one philips hue light and I copied an item configuration from the internet and to my luck it worked.

Now I have purchased more and an not sure how the numbers in the item configuration related to each light I have connected to my hue bridge.

So what I am asking is what determines the 4 in {hue=“4”} ands how do i find the number for my new bulbs?

Switch loungeLampToggle1 “lounge lamp Switch” (Switching) {hue="?"}

Any help would be very welcome


I can see the numbering in the Android app if I go to the overview of connected bulbs.


  1. Livingroom
  2. Bathroom
  3. Hall

These are the actual numbers…

Oh I just wondered that because when you go to change the colour on the bloom it shows a number on the colour picker.

Great news.

Thank you very much for confirming that.

You’re welcome!