[SOLVED] Philips hue light strip

How do I connect my LED strip to the system? In the explanation on the site, there are instructions on the lamps and not on the LED strips. I need a specific code and I can not understand what it is

0210 bulb1 “Lamp 1” @ “Kitchen” [lightId = “1”]

And who is the code for light strip, someone has connected and can help?

i have philips hue.

Hi @Eli_Live, welcome to the forum

There is no difference in defining a thing for bulbs or the strips, you will need to find the lightId however, in PaperUI, just like you would for any bulb. I believe the documentation on PaperUI and the binding give examples how to do that.
But in any case, you will need a Hue Hub and the app and add the strip to your Hue system through the app first.

The strips are also of device type “Extended Color Light” and Thing type “0210” (at least mine).

I guess you have you already found the Philips Hue Binding documentation with a full example.

Do you mean the thing type? This is indeed 0210 for a light strip as @sihui mentioned before.

But if you mean the corresponding lightId: You have to figure it out by calling


In the resulting output, the lightIds are the numbers on the very left hand side. Locate your light strip as you will recognise the name you gave it.

Before that, your may need to find out YOUR_API_KEY by following these instructions:

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I can not find or understand the ID \ ID for my light strip.

Did you read all the info that was given to you here?
If so, maybe you missed this one from the bindings docs that @miba so kindly linked for you

The devices are identified by the number that the Hue bridge assigns to them (also shown in the Hue App as an identifier).

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Let’s try to make it even more clear:

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Go into your Philips Hue App --> Settings --> About

The numbers on the left side are your light IDs.

If you already have added your lightstrip to the Hue Bridge via Hue App you will find it there and the corresponding number on the left side. (see screenshot above). This is the light ID.

There are different light types.

Your lightstrip should have type 0210 = extended color light. But type is NOT shown in the Philips Hue App.

But if you want to add it to the .things file, (you need the type, e.g 0210, see here)
then put it there as minimum:

Bridge hue:bridge:1 [ ipAddress="" ]
0210 bulb1 "Lamp 1" @ "Office" [ lightId="4" ]

But you DON’T NEED a .things file to get it running.

Go into PaperUI --> Inbox --> + --> Hue Binding

Then it should appear there. Normally it is automatically discovered and already shown in your inbox ( if you didn’t disable
“auto discovery” in your system settings).


Thank you all! Now it’s working

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