[SOLVED] Pi-hole seems to block connection to myopenhab


I have got openHAB and pi-hole Running in docker containers and pi-hold is the dns resolver for the network. Since the install of pi-hole openHAB can’t connect myopenhab although I whitelisted myopenhaborg.

Has anyone an idea how to make the connection working again?

Thanks in advance


i am running pi-hole too, but i do not encounter any problems and have not whitelisted myopenhab.org. Have you tried to reach myopenhab with a ping or something similar?

Yes ping works from the server, I will try it out of the docker container this evening

On the same pi where openhab is installed?

Yes same system

@nakh_Home No on an different pi (have four or five in spare) with dietPi as distribution

@NSchnitzler If you reach myopenhab in general from your network pihole should be working fine. You wrote that pihole and openhab are o the same system. maybe this system is not resolving dns correctly. from my pihole server it is working. If a ping from the dns server does not work, try to check another adress something like www.heise.de

pinging from the server itself works, but out of the openhab docker container not

starting the container with:


Thanks for the input

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