[SOLVED] PioneerAVR manual configuration, status:UNINITIALIZED, java error

  • Platform information:

    • Hardware:Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb)
    • OS: raspbian
    • Java Runtime Environment: default, installed with openhabian-config
    • openHAB version: latest, snapshot
  • Issue of the topic: After adding .things and .items files for my AVR, the paper ui reports Status: UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_REGISTERING_ERROR java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.Number


pioneeravr:ipAvr:vsx923 [ address="", tcpPort="8102" ]


/* Pioneer AVR Items */
Switch vsx923PowerSwitch        "Power"                                (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#power" }
Switch vsx923MuteSwitch            "Mute"                    <none>        (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#mute" }
Dimmer vsx923VolumeDimmer        "Volume [%.1f] %"        <none>        (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#volumeDimmer" }
String vsx923InputSourceSet        "Input"                    <none>        (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#setInputSource" }
String vsx923InformationDisplay "Information [%s]"        <none>         (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:displayInformation#displayInformation" }
String vsx923ListeningMode "Listening Mode [%s]"        <none>         (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#listeningMode" }
String vsx923PlayingListeningMode "Playing Listening Mode [%s]"        <none>         (All)    { channel="pioneeravr:ipAvr2014:vsx923:zone1#playingListeningMode" }


sitemap pioneeravr label="Pioneer AVR Meny"
	Frame label="Pioneer AVR" {
		Switch item=vsx923PowerSwitch
		Switch item=vsx923MuteSwitch mappings=[ON="Mute", OFF="Un-Mute"]
		Slider item=vsx923VolumeDimmer
		Switch item=vsx923InputSourceSet mappings=[19="PC", 20="Pi-server", 22="PS3"]
		Text item=vsx923InformationDisplay
		Switch item=vsx923ListeningMode mappings=["0009"="Stereo", "0040"="Dolby Surround", "0010"="next"]
		Text item=vsx923PlayingListeningMode

Try tcpPort=8102 instead of tcpPort=“8102”

IP Port is numeric in the binding.

gosh darnit, it was too simple!

Thank you very much for your swift solution to my very frustrating problem!