[SOLVED] Podcast player

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Hi all,

I plan to implement a podcast player using openHAB using “Feed” & “SqueezeBox” bindings. Unfortunately I can only access the latest entry with the feed binding; but can not find how & if it is possible to access older entries as well.

Does anybody know if this is possible? If not, I’ll probably go for a RegEx based solution; but the feed binding would be very convenient :slight_smile:.

Thanks for any advice - with kind regards,

Hi all,

found an easy way to achieve this; without the need for any rules. With the help of the xslt from https://github.com/prodrigestivill/rss2playlist/blob/master/rss2m3u.xsl I can directly create an m3u using the http binding:

String ItemPodcastCampus "[%s]" <podcast> {http="<[http://www1.swr.de/podcast/xml/swr2/campus.xml:60000:XSLT(PodcastToPlaylist.xslt)]"}

with kind regards,

Hi, i´m looking for something similar.

How do you send the mp3-url or the m3u plylist to the squeezebox binding?