[Solved] Precipitation probability


I would like to integrate the rain probability into the web layout of my weather webview.
Unfortunately this doens’t seem to be very popular and I did not find any help yet.
I tried to integrate the following as a start but it did not work.
<td class="temp-min">${forecast(4):Precipitation.probability(%.0f)}&deg;C</td>

Does anybody have this in place already?

It might be that the binding or the weather service you are using doesn’t support getting that value that far out into the future. Have you tried it with forecast(1) or forecast(2)? The syntax doesn’t look off to me.

You might be right, I gonna try that.
In general it works as an item at least for tomorrow (forecast 1).

I am using Wunderground an obviously it provides the precipitation data at least until forecast 4.
However, the result in my webview looks like the syntax is not recognized:

Any other suggestion?

You should try turning up the verbosity of the weather binding logging to see what it is coming back with them the call to update the item is made.

Thanks, @geva

I get an error, but it doesn’t help a lot:

2016-03-03 06:14:14 [ERROR] [b.w.i.gfx.WeatherTokenResolver] - Invalid weather token: forecast(1):Precipitation.probability(%.0f)
java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid weather token: forecast(1):Precipitation.probability(%.0f)

Having a look on the Weather Binding wiki page, I see that the probability of precipitation is of decimal type, and you are referrencing it as a float. I wonder if this has anything to do with the invalid token message you are getting.

Number   Precip_Probability   "Precip probability [%d %%]"   {weather="locationId=home, type=precipitation, property=probability"}
// new total property in 1.8, only Wunderground

I guess the other thing I am seeing is that the type mentioned in the item definition is all lowercase, whereas you are using an uppercase ‘P’ in your token name. You might try changing it to…

<td class="temp-min">${forecast(4):precipitation.probability(%d)}%</td>

Thanks so much!!!
Both have been required to solve the issue!

:+1: execllent!