[SOLVED] Predicted to become - I don't understand


I have a strange issue with a rule …
In the past, my rule works, but after some restarts, it stops working …
really frustrating

my items:

String Key_EG_FD_state "Status Danalock" (gADM)  {channel="mqtt:topic:mosqitto:Danalock_FrontDoor:state"}
Number Key_EG_FD_set

my rule:

rule "FrontDoor lock-unlock"
	when Item Key_EG_FD_set received command
		switch(receivedCommand) {
			case 0 : {
			case 1 : {

my log:

Item 'Key_EG_FD_set' received command 1
Item 'Key_EG_FD_state' received command LOCK
Key_EG_FD_state predicted to become UNLOCK

Why is this happend?
How must I change my rule, so that the item “Key_EG_FD_state” accept the new command?

I found the problem.
My thing was not ONLINE.
After INITIALIZING … comes an error in the log.

I just changed the name of the thing, and it works …

Maybe an other bug in the mqtt binding …