[Solved] Presence Sensor doesn't Update to True

I have linked my presence sensor with a switch item, but this switch doesn’t switch.
Here my events.log

2020-01-18 15:12:08.076 [ome.event.ItemUpdatedEvent] - Item ‘Sensor_1Floor_Presence’ has been updated.
2020-01-18 15:20:38.981 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Sensor_1Floor_Presence changed from NULL to OFF

How can I fix this?
Thank you for your help.

Would you show us how you think you have linked your Item to a switch, as that is the part you say is not working?

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The profile is default

Your events.log shows the appropriate Item being updated to OFF.
Perhaps you could tell us more about what doesn"t happen, that you expected to happen.

I want that the Senor Update to ON and not to OFF when somebody moves

I don’t know anything about Deconz. Maybe update your thread title to attract the right attention.
This thread may have some clues

It works now thanks.